Vichitra Reveals Casting Couch Ordeal in Tollywood

Actress Vichitra’s courageous disclosure about her casting couch experience in Tollywood, particularly involving actor Natasimha Balakrishna, has brought to light the grim realities of the industry. This incident, which took place two decades ago during the filming of Bhalevadivi Basu, played a crucial role in her decision to leave the film world.

Vichitra shared her harrowing experience, recounting a series of distressing events. While staying at a hotel for the shoot, she was invited to a room by a prominent figure from the film, an encounter that left her deeply troubled. The situation escalated with instances of inappropriate behavior and physical intimidation, culminating in a disturbing incident during a forest scene shoot where she faced unwarranted physical contact.

Despite her attempts to seek justice, the response from the industry and the union was disheartening. This lack of support and the ensuing emotional turmoil led to Vichitra’s eventual departure from the film industry.

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