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Kerala High Court Strikes a Harmonious Chord: Varaharoopam Song Controversy Resolved!

A Legal Symphony: Kerala HC Quashes Plagiarism Case Against Kantara, Ending Varaharoopam Song Dispute.

Varaharoopam song controversy resolution
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The Varaharoopam song controversy, that had been stirring waves of discord, has finally found its resolution, marking a harmonious note in the realms of Mollywood. The Kerala High Court played a melody of justice, quashing the criminal case against the creators of the popular Kannada film Kantara which featured the song Varaharoopam. The dispute revolved around allegations of plagiarism, claiming that Varaharoopam was a mimicry of the Navarasam song by Thaikkudam Bridge band. However, the crescendo of conflict has now been silenced with a mutual agreement between the conflicting parties, bringing down the curtain on this legal drama.

Here’s how the plot unfolded. The Kerala High Court orchestrated a legal composition, quashing the FIR registered under Section 63 of the Copyright Act, 1957. This decision came in light of the settlement reached between the makers of Kantara and the opposing party, Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Ltd. Earlier, a local court in Kerala had tuned the scales of justice against Kantara, imposing a ban on the song. However, the higher court overruled this decision, lifting the ban and dismissing the plagiarism allegations, which was music to the ears of Kantara’s creators and fans alike.

The discord began when it was alleged that Varaharoopam was an unauthorized copy of Navarasam showcased on the Malayalam music channel, Kappa TV. The legal score reached a climax when the high court laid down a set of conditions, asking the implicated parties to present themselves for interrogation. Yet, the final act saw the case being quashed, bringing a sense of closure to the Kantara team, and adding a melodious chapter to Mollywood’s legal annals.


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