Vaathil: Vinay Forrt’s Thriller Packed with Emotions and Mystery

Vaathil, a fresh offering from the Malayalam film arena, drops us right into an intriguing atmosphere from the get-go. Featuring the talented Vinay Forrt and the captivating Anu Sithara, it promises secrets and surprises. Initially, it might seem like it’s treading familiar waters, but hang tight; it has some unexpected turns in store.

Meet Denny and Thani, our core couple. Hailing from different religious backgrounds, their love story isn’t just about romance. Both play pivotal roles in Denny’s interior designing firm. However, their love nest is experiencing storms. Vaathil offers a window into the trials of their relationship, giving us glimpses of the past and the turmoil of the present.

Crafted under the directorial umbrella of Sarju Remakanth, the brains behind Utharaswayamvaram in 2009, Vaathil may have a few rough edges but carries an unmistakable mark of genuine effort. Shamnad Shabeer’s narrative begins on a predictable note but shifts gears as the story progresses. The transformation of Denny, from a doting husband to a distant partner, has elements we’ve seen before. However, the movie’s soul lies in its latter half, where the suspense tightens its grip on the audience.

The film’s setting, mainly within the confines of an apartment, amplifies the suspense. Inside those walls, the unfolding drama keeps you guessing. The climax, especially with Denny’s frantic attempts to make things right, will have you at the edge of your seat. And while the tale’s conclusion might be a tad imaginative, it manages to stay grounded.

Vinay Forrt, in a role that demands depth, delivers impressively. Anu Sithara, portraying Thani, remains consistently good throughout, capturing the nuances of her character. The supporting cast, including Krishna Shankar and Merin Philip, chip in with commendable performances.

Vaathil might feel tailor-made for an OTT platform due to its compact cast and limited locales. While the start might feel extended, if you hang on, a thrilling ride awaits. Despite its few hiccups, it promises an engaging watch.


Director: Sarju Remakanth

Cast: Vinay Forrt, Anu Sithara

Rating: 2.5/5

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