Pawan Kalyan’s Tongue Slip Sparks Trolls, Director Steps in

In a recent event that unfolded under the limelight, the charismatic Pawan Kalyan experienced a minor slip of the tongue that has since taken a whimsical turn on social media. While talking about his upcoming film, the actor accidentally referred to it as Sardaar Bhagat Singh instead of its actual title, Ustaad Bhagat Singh. It’s a gentle reminder that no matter the stature, a small hiccup can occur even among the stars.

However, this little hiccup became the muse for netizens as a series of playful trolls emerged from the digital crowd. The social platforms buzzed with light-hearted banter, adding a touch of humor to the anticipation surrounding the film.

Not missing a beat, the film’s director, Harish Shankar, stepped forward to embrace the moment with grace. Through a composed response, he redirected the focus back to the essence of the upcoming cinema spectacle. He expressed that the core team is deeply invested in crafting a film that would resonate with the audience, creating a memorable cinematic narrative that would be cherished over the years.

Harish Shankar’s poised response underscored the unyielding dedication and passion driving the project, elevating the anticipation for Ustaad Bhagat Singh. He reminded everyone that a minor slip should not detract from the essence and the grandeur the film intends to offer. His words resonated as a reminder to look beyond the fleeting moment, towards the enthralling cinematic experience awaiting the audience.

The camaraderie between Pawan Kalyan and Harish Shankar highlighted the harmonious synergy that promises to reflect on screen, igniting more excitement among the fans. With a zest of humor and a dash of grace, the journey towards Ustaad Bhagat Singh’s release unfolds, promising a blend of zeal, history, and cinematic excellence.


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