Sunny Leone Reveals Her Day-to-Day Hustle & Talks About the Changing Dynamics of Showbiz

Bollywood diva Sunny Leone, best known for her sizzling on-screen appearances, recently provided a glimpse into the whirlwind that constitutes her day. While many might picture a life of glamour and flashbulbs, Sunny’s routine revolves around her most cherished role: being a mother to three children.

Currently garnering attention for her role in the upcoming film ‘Kennedy’, which is set to debut at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, Sunny highlighted her multitasking prowess in a chat with IANS. “Today started with a school meeting, followed by this interview. Next, it’s picking up the kids, attending another meeting, and then spending quality time with my children,” she explained. Despite the demanding nature of her profession, Sunny emphasizes her gratitude for being able to strike a balance between work and family.

The conversation also touched upon the complexities of the film industry. When questioned about the challenging aspects of being an actor in today’s age, Sunny reflected on the paradigm shift in how roles are secured. “Earlier methods contrast starkly with today’s norms,” she noted, highlighting the significant influence of social media and digital influencers on contemporary cinema.

Sunny’s film ‘Kennedy’, directed by the acclaimed Anurag Kashyap and featuring Rahul Bhatt, dives into the tumultuous life of an insomniac ex-police officer, operating clandestinely in a corrupt system. The movie, which previously premiered at the prestigious 2023 Cannes Film Festival, is gearing up for screenings at the Sydney Film Festival and the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

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