Sunny Deol Hanuman Role in Ramayana: A Cinematic Surprise

Unveiling Sunny Deol Hanuman Role in Nitesh Tiwari's Ramayana! A casting that's electrifying the film world. Join us for an insider look at this epic transformation. Want the full story? Click here and be part of this cinematic revolution!

Bollywood’s dhai kilo ka haath, Sunny Deol, is all set to take on a divine avatar as Lord Hanuman in Nitesh Tiwari’s magnum opus, Ramayana. This casting news has sent waves of excitement across the industry and among fans, adding another star to the already glittering line-up of this epic film.

Joining Sunny Deol in this cinematic retelling of one of India’s greatest epics are Ranbir Kapoor, stepping into the mighty shoes of Lord Ram, Sai Pallavi as the graceful and resilient Sita, and Yash, bringing his powerful presence to the role of Ravana. Sunny Deol’s entry into this celestial ensemble is seen as a masterstroke, promising to add a new dimension to the timeless tale.

Scheduled to roll cameras in March 2023, Ramayana: Part One is gearing up to be a visual and emotional spectacle. While Sunny Deol’s role as Hanuman is touted to be a guest appearance in this installment, it’s an inclusion that has already set hearts racing and imaginations soaring.

This project, under Nitesh Tiwari’s skilled direction, aims to bring the grandeur, drama, and devotion of the Ramayana to the big screen. With a cast that reads like a who’s who of Bollywood, the film is already creating a buzz for its ambitious scale and the promise of a breathtaking cinematic journey.

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