Sundaram Master Review: Harsha’s Charm in a Quirky Village Drama!

Sundaram Master lands in a village with more than English lessons on his agenda. Harsha shines in this role, amidst a backdrop of village quirks and drama. Does he accomplish his secret mission? This mix of laughter and slow drama keeps you guessing. Read more for the full scoop on this twist-filled journey!

Welcome to Miryalametta, where Sundaram Master unfolds with Viva Harsha taking the lead. This film, helmed by Kalyan Santosh and backed by Ravi Teja, dives deep into rural drama with a twist. Let’s break it down, shall we?

What’s Cooking:

Harsha, aka Sundaram Master, lands in a village with a secret mission. But he’s not just teaching English. What’s his real plan? The villagers have their quirks, and Sundaram’s got his charm. Will he pull off his mission? You gotta watch to find out!

The Goodies:

Harsha Shines: From sidekick to main man, Harsha rocks it. His jokes? Spot on. His acting? Heartfelt.
Village Vibes: The cast nails it, making you feel right at home with their antics. Laughs? Check. Emotions? Double check.

The Bumps:

Slow-Mo Drama: The story’s sweet but drags its feet. We’re here for a good time, not a long time, folks!
Lost in Translation: Some characters and scenes don’t hit the mark. Especially towards the end, things get a bit…meh.

Behind the Scenes:

Kalyan Santosh tries to keep us entertained, but the script needed a bit more spice. The tunes and shots? Pretty decent. Editing’s smooth, making Miryalametta look like the place to be.


Sundaram Master is a mixed bag. Got Harsha making us laugh, but also got parts that’ll make you check your watch. If you’re in for a bit of fun and got time to kill, why not? But if you’re hunting for non-stop thrills, maybe keep looking.

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