Somu Sound Engineer Unveils Its Electrifying Title Track

Sandalwood Stunner: “Somu Sound Engineer” Drops its Riveting Title Track!

The Sandalwood cinema industry has given us many gems, and the latest buzz is all about Director Sukka Suri’s protégé, Abhi, making his directional debut with “Somu Sound Engineer”. Sukka Suri, known for his rugged cinematic style, is fondly called ‘Sukkah Suri’ by the movie fraternity. Now, with the anticipation building around Abhi’s debut, everyone is keen to see how he will continue Suri’s legacy.

“Somu Sound Engineer” is set to narrate a captivating story rooted in a part of Karnataka. There’s undeniable intrigue about what makes the movie unique, especially with its distinctive title. However, before diving into the film’s narrative, its title track is setting the stage on fire.

The exhilarating title track of “Somu Sound Engineer” is everything a music lover could wish for. Composed by the maestro Charan Raj, penned with robust lyricism by Dhananjay Ranjan, and sung with an infectious energy by Swaroop Khan, the song embodies the film’s essence. Celebrating the movie’s rugged nature, the song, filmed against a rustic village backdrop, describes the protagonist’s characteristics in all their glory.

Speaking of the cast, the film boasts of a talented lineup. The lead role is essayed by the notable “Salga” actor, with Shruti Patil playing the leading lady. Other pivotal characters are portrayed by Jahangir, Apoorva, and Yash Shetty.

What’s also noteworthy is Abhi’s commitment to this project. Not only has he directed the film, but he’s also penned some of its most impactful dialogues. Produced by the dynamic Christopher Kini, “Somu Sound Engineer” has major portions shot in the locales of Hunagunda taluk in Bagalkot District, and the iconic Kudal Sangama.

For those curious about Abhi’s credentials, he’s worked on significant projects directed by Suri, including hits like ‘Kaddipudi’, ‘Kendasampige’, ‘Big house boy’, and ‘ram’. Currently, the film has wrapped up its shooting phase and is deep in post-production.

As an appetizer to the cinematic experience that awaits, dive into the soulful title track, “Soma Soma”, a musical treat for all. With its mesmerizing composition, evocative lyrics, and powerful vocals, it promises a movie that is as unforgettable as its soundtrack.

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