Somante Krithavu Review: Nature’s Song in Malayalam Cinema!

Ever wondered how it feels to live truly close to Mother Nature? Dive right into the world of Soman in Somante Krithavu, and you’ll get a pretty vibrant idea! Soman isn’t just another man in the village; he’s an open book of quirks and oddities. Right from day one as the village’s agriculture officer, his love for all things natural draws chuckles and raised eyebrows. Yet, there’s something about his spirited stance against the bustling village’s ways that tugs at your heart.

Crafted by Rohith Narayanan, this film starts with light-hearted vibes. But hold on! It soon spins a tale that makes you sit up and think. From showing the real fears of duck farmers to Soman’s daring tree-top home, every scene feels like a brushstroke on a canvas.

Now, talking about performances, Vinay Forrt totally rocks as Soman! While he’s often made us laugh in other films, here he makes us both laugh and think. The movie does throw some fun jibes and moments, especially when Soman takes his stand against a tree’s felling or when he champions old-world healing.

But it’s not just Vinay who catches our eye. The whole village comes alive with Seema G Nair, Pauly Valsan Jayan Cherthala, and Ganga Meera adding their own shades to the story.

To sum it up, Somante Krithavu is like a fresh breeze in Malayalam cinema, reminding us of the simple joys and raw beauty of nature, all while keeping us hooked on its tale. Don’t miss it!

Climaxahh’s Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | 4/5

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