Shankar Juggles Two Big Films: Indian 2 and Game Changer!

There’s some fun news shaking up the movie world! Fans are scratching their heads with a big question. If Shankar is busy with Kamal for Indian 2, then who’s guiding Ram Charan in Game Changer in Hyderabad? It’s like he’s in two places at once!

Lyca Productions gave us a sneak peek by sharing a video about Indian 2. At the same time, there’s a buzz that Shankar is shooting Game Changer. It’s like a magic show! Fans are curious: Can Shankar really do two big things at the same time?

But wait, Shankar himself dropped a surprise! He tweeted, “Working with full heart for Game Changer in Hyderabad!” He even shared a cool picture. This made Charan’s fans jump with joy! No more doubts, our super director is in full control.


Now, here’s a spicy twist! Some say that Zee 5 has bought Game Changer for a huge price. Guess how much? A massive Rs 250 crores! But shh, it’s still a secret.

So, fans, are you excited? Two big films and one big director. Let the movie magic continue!

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