Shankar Issues Ultimatum to Daughter: Marry Within Two Years

Shankar, a South Indian father, and big-name director, has issued an ultimatum to his daughter. He has given her two years to tie the knot and settle down, no matter what her career plans may be. The news has sparked a debate in India about the role of parents in deciding marriage partners for their children.

Shankar’s decision has fuelled controversy across India. Some have expressed understanding of Shankar’s stance, arguing that it is natural for parents to want their children to take a partner and form a family before they are too old. Others, however, have criticized him for disregarding his daughter’s professional aspirations by forcing her into matrimony at such an early age.

Aditi Shankar recently brought some joy to her Instagram followers when she took to her story to excitedly react to a rumored marriage announcement. With a full-hearted sense of humor, she reacted with a playful caption.

“I wanna know who is the Maaplai!!” She wrote, punctuating the post with an emoji. Her witty comment elicited laughter from many as she wondered aloud about the unknown groom-to-be. She also embraced the lighthearted spirit of the moment, conveying bashfulness and genuine excitement for the wedding news.

The conflict between Shankar and his daughter raises important questions about the relationship between traditional values and modern aspirations in today’s society. On one hand, some people believe that it is important to honour cultural conventions and respect parental wishes when it comes to finding suitable marriage partners. On the other hand, there are those who argue that individuals should be given the freedom to choose who they want to marry without interference from their families.

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