Shah Rukh Khan in Guntur Karam? Big Surprise!

Guess what, movie fans? There’s big, big news about Guntur Karam, the new Mahesh Babu movie directed by Trivikram. People are saying there’s a special part in the movie that comes right at the end. And the big surprise? It might be Shah Rukh Khan, the famous actor from Bollywood!

Why do people think so? Well, recently, Mahesh Babu said something nice about the movie Jaawan. And some think it’s because of this Shah Rukh Khan surprise.

But that’s not all. Did you hear? Instead of Pooja Hegde, now Meenakshi Chaudhary will be in the movie.

So, everyone is excited and waiting. Will Shah Rukh Khan really be in Guntur Karam with Mahesh Babu? Let’s wait and watch!

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