Samuthirakani Responds to Vishal’s CBFC Bribery Allegations

The entertainment industry is buzzing with startling revelations about alleged bribery in the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Actor Vishal recently highlighted this concern by sharing his experience with the CBFC Mumbai office, alleging that he had to pay Rs 6.5 lakhs for the censor certificate of his Hindi film, Mark Antony.

Responding to the growing debate, celebrated director Samuthirakani came forward with his side of the story. While he clarified that he hasn’t paid bribes to the CBFC for his movies, he candidly disclosed paying local officials to secure tax benefits for his films.

Recalling a particularly unsettling experience, Samuthirakani said, “I paid a bribe to get tax-free for my Appa movie. I felt very sad at the time. I produced the movie with my hard-earned money and secured a tax-free certificate by paying a bribe.” The renowned director has a rich portfolio, having directed 15 films and produced five others.

Despite the revelations about the 2016 social drama Appa, for which he wore multiple hats as the writer, director, producer, and lead actor, Samuthirakani remained tight-lipped about the further details of the allegations.

Just a couple of days back, Climaxahh shed light on Vishal’s concerns with the CBFC. The actor’s brave stand, where he urged national leaders, including Maharashtra’s Chief Minister and the Prime Minister, to take note of the alleged corruption in the CBFC, drew attention. His plea was clear: While films can portray corruption, it should not be a reality within government bodies, especially pivotal ones like the CBFC.

Despite the controversy surrounding its release, Mark Antony has been smashing box office records, quickly approaching the 100-crore mark, with over Rs 50 crore in Tamil Nadu alone

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