Saif and Aditya Team Up With Tollywood’s Hemanth Madhukar

Namaste cinema lovers! Arrey, suno! Here’s some masaledar news that’ll make you say, “Kya baat hai!” Our Bollywood heroes, the Nawab Saif Ali Khan and heartthrob Aditya Roy Kapoor, are joining hands with Tollywood’s sensation Hemanth Madhukar. Yes, you read that right! It’s Bollywood masala meets Tollywood tadka.

Now, if you remember our filmy trivia, Hemanth isn’t a newbie in Bollywood. He’s given us gems like A Flat and Mumbai 125km. Ab, after a decade, our director sahab is set to sprinkle his Tollywood masala in Bollywood again. And what’s the buzz in our Bambai? The shoot’s gonna roll next year, and Mumbai is already humming with excitement.

Recently, our khabri spotted Hemanth in Aamchi Mumbai, chit-chatting with top Bollywood producers. And guess what? This isn’t any aam meeting. Hemanth is blending desi Bollywood style with his Telugu touch for a script that promises double the entertainment. Arrey wah! It’s not just a film; it’s going to be a paisa vasool two-hero extravaganza.

And the tadka doesn’t end here. Vishal Rana, the brain behind Blurr with the stunning Tapsee, is on board as the producer. Ee cinema chudataniki chaala excitedga undi!

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