Rathna Kumar’s Remark on Rajinikanth Stirs Kollywood

In the heart of Kollywood, writer Rathna Kumar’s recent social media hiatus has become the talk of the town. Known for his works in Master and Vikram, Kumar’s speech at the Leo success meet sparked a significant controversy. His statement, “Namma evlo uyara parandhalum pasicha keela vandhu dhane aaganum” (No matter how high you fly, you have to come down when you are hungry), was perceived by Rajinikanth’s fans as a subtle jab at their idol. This interpretation gained traction due to Rajinikanth’s past narration involving the supremacy of an eagle.

The situation escalated, leading Rathna Kumar to announce his break from social media. This decision, declared on Twitter, followed the mixed reactions from Rajinikanth’s followers, who didn’t take kindly to what they saw as an indirect troll. Kumar’s hiatus is a step back from the limelight to focus on his next writing venture, leaving fans in anticipation of what’s next from the talented writer.

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