Rashmika & Vijay’s Romance Buzz Peaks on NBK Show – Inside Scoop from Animal Cast

The rumor mills are working overtime with Rashmika Mandanna and Vijay Deverakonda’s speculated romance, especially after a recent episode on ‘Unstoppable with NBK’. Rashmika, amidst the promotions of her upcoming film Animal with Ranbir Kapoor, found herself in a delightful yet revealing situation on Nandamuri Balakrishna’s talk show.



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A segment focusing on Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s directorial works, Arjun Reddy and Animal, turned into a light-hearted interrogation about Rashmika’s choice between her reel and real heroes. Ranbir Kapoor’s nudge for Rashmika to make a decision brought a wave of laughter, especially when Rashmika shyly dodged the question.

The fun escalated when Ranbir encouraged Rashmika to call Vijay. Vijay’s callback led to an amusing exchange, with Rashmika blushing over the phone. Vijay, always quick-witted, professed his affection for director Sandeep, lightening the mood and leaving everyone in chuckles.

Adding to the intrigue, Ranbir disclosed a coincidence about Rashmika meeting Sandeep for the first time at the success party of Arjun Reddy, held at Vijay’s terrace. This little tidbit, combined with Rashmika’s evident bashfulness, intensified the rumors of a possible romance brewing between her and Vijay. Yet, both stars have maintained a tight-lipped stance on their personal lives.

This episode has certainly added a touch of zest to the ongoing gossip, igniting fan excitement not only for the stars’ personal lives but also for their professional ventures, with Animal’s release date just around the corner on December 1. Keep up with ClimaxAhh for more juicy updates from the heart of Indian cinema.

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