Rashmika Mandanna Animal: A Sparkling Effort in a Film of Controversial Choices

The buzz around Animal is not all glitter, despite Rashmika Mandanna’s intense effort in the film, especially in the much-talked-about Karva Chauth scene with Ranbir Kapoor. While dedication is commendable, the execution raises eyebrows. Did Rashmika hitting Ranbir multiple times for a single scene really enhance the film, or was it just a tad too much?

Then there’s the portrayal of the villain, played by Bobby Deol. Making him a Muslim character seems like a deliberate attempt to create controversy rather than a meaningful narrative choice. In the realm of cinema, while villains have been portrayed with various religious symbols in the past, this particular decision in Animal feels more provocative than purposeful.

The co-producer claims Rashmika’s character stands on par with Ranbir’s and Bobby’s in terms of importance. However, with Ranbir’s character having minimal lines in significant scenes, it makes one wonder if this is a genuine effort at character development or just a superficial attempt to seem balanced.

Despite raking in the big bucks at the box office and nearing impressive collection milestones, the film’s quality is still a point of contention. Our previous 1-star rating stands as a stark contrast to its commercial success. It seems Animal is a classic case of style triumphing over substance.

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