Ramesh Aravind’s Latest Movie ‘Daiji’ Announced on His Birthday!

‘Daiji’ Unveiled on Ramesh Aravind’s Special Day: A New Venture with a Deep-Rooted Title

As the film industry showers birthday wishes upon the versatile Ramesh Aravind this September 10th, the celebrations come with an extra dash of excitement. An all-new film, titled ‘Daiji Movie’, was announced, marking yet another collaboration between Ramesh Aravind and the acclaimed director Akash Srivatsa.

Following the roaring success of their previous ventures, ‘Shivaji Surathkal 1’ and ‘Shivaji Surathkal 2’, the announcement of ‘Daiji’ has fans eagerly awaiting the magic this duo will conjure once again. Produced under the esteemed Vibha Kashyap Productions banner with Ravi Kashyap backing the project, the first poster has already piqued audience interest, hinting at the cinematic treat to come.

But what stands out is the intriguing choice of title. ‘Daiji’ resonates with layered meanings across cultures. In the Konkani dialect, it signifies a blood relation, whereas in Japanese, ‘daiji’ translates to something cherished and protected. The film’s team emphasizes that while the title remains consistent, its implications are manifold and profound.

With previous hits like ‘Lucia’ and ‘Badmash’ credited to the same production banner, ‘Daiji’ promises to be a unique blend of horror and mystery. The screenplay, crafted by Abhijith YR and Akash Srivatsa, is rooted in real events shared by Ravi Kashyap. The quest for the leading lady is in progress, setting the stage for the shooting to commence by late 2023 or early 2024. Further intensifying the intrigue, the storyline unfolds across the United States, marking it as the 106th film in Ramesh Aravind’s illustrious career.


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