Ramesh Aravind Clarifies His Role in KD Amidst Rajinikanth Comparisons

The Sandalwood circuit is buzzing with excitement as the first look of Ramesh Aravind’s character from the eagerly awaited film KD was revealed. The resemblance of Ramesh’s look to that of superstar Rajinikanth’s iconic style from the late 1970s has caught the eye of every cinephile. The talk of the town was whether this was a deliberate homage to the superstar.

However, our beloved Ramesh Aravind, known for his inimitable acting style, cleared the air by stating that his character, named Dharma, is a tribute to the era of 1978 and not a specific ode to Rajinikanth. He reminisced about the days when Rajinikanth’s style was the trendsetter, and how his college days were enlivened by this trend. It is this nostalgic vibe that his character Dharma brings back to life, and not a direct emulation of Rajinikanth.

Ramesh Aravind stressed that his look is a nod to the bygone era, an era marked by a unique style statement, a style that Rajinikanth personified. With a career adorned with diverse and unique characters, Ramesh is all set to add another feather to his cap with Dharma in KD.

As the anticipation for KD continues to build up, Ramesh Aravind’s clarification adds a layer of depth to his character, making the wait for the film even more thrilling. His dedication to bring authenticity to his roles has always been a talking point among his fans, who are now more eager to see his portrayal of Dharma.

KD, with its intriguing narrative and Ramesh’s compelling character, is poised to be a landmark film in the Sandalwood arena. The movie is marching towards its release with a promise of delivering a fresh cinematic experience to the audience.


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