“Rajamarthanda” Release Coincides with Dhruva Sarja’s Birthday: A Tribute to Chiru


The Kannada film industry is poised for an emotional cinematic event. October 6th isn’t just a celebration of Dhruva Sarja’s birthday, but also marks the release of his late elder brother, Chiru Sarja’s concluding film, “Rajamarthanda.” This poignant decision by the film’s team is a fitting commemoration of the enduring bond between the Sarja brothers, offering Dhruva a profound way to celebrate his special day with an ode to Chiru’s legacy.

Though filming for “Rajamarthanda” was completed, the unexpected loss of Chiru left the dubbing process unfinished. Showcasing immense resilience and affection, Dhruva Sarja took the mantle, providing his voice to complete his brother’s film. This heartfelt collaboration is a testament to their deep bond and is expected to resonate with audiences.

Under the watchful eyes of producer Sivakumar and director Ramanarayan, “Rajamarthanda” is anticipated to be a treat for fans. The film’s music by Arjun Janya, coupled with a background score from Dharmavish, aims to captivate viewers. The visual artistry, led by Venkatesh U.D.V. Collection and K. Ganesh, as well as action choreography by Vinod and Palaniraj, promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Bhushan and Harsha’s choreography for the dance sequences is expected to mesmerize viewers.

The cast of “Rajamarthanda” includes some of Kannada cinema’s finest. Alongside Chiranjeevi Sarja are actresses Deepti Sati, Meghashree, and Triveni (Tagaru). With the inclusion of talents like Chikkanna, Bajrangi Loki, Devraj, Shankar Aswath, Sumitra, and Vineeth Kumar (Bombay), the film promises a stellar cinematic experience.

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