Raj Kundra Unmasks Emotions at UT 69 Trailer Launch

The enigmatic Raj Kundra, known lately for his distinctive helmet-like mask, chose the trailer launch of his upcoming film, UT 69, to unveil his face and, with it, his emotions. This film, under the direction of Shahnawaz Ali, draws inspiration from Kundra’s life, specifically the turbulence he faced due to allegations of producing explicit content.

Upon reaching the event, Raj made a dramatic entrance, concealing his identity with his now-signature mask. But the highlight was when he decided to shed the mask before the flashing cameras, symbolic of laying bare his heart. The pain from the media trial, he confessed, surpassed the anguish of his ongoing legal proceedings. “The media scrutiny hurt so much; I wanted to hide from it all,” said Kundra, addressing the journalists.

For those needing a refresher, in July 2021, Raj Kundra faced accusations under the Indian Penal Code and related laws for allegedly circulating explicit videos. Mumbai Police made the arrest, but he secured bail by September 2021.

Post his jail experience, Raj preferred to keep to the shadows. Sightings of him have been rare, and mostly he’s seen donning a mask, maintaining his mysterious aura. Recently, he and Shilpa Shetty, his wife, stepped out for a dinner date, faces shielded by masks. This peculiar style earned them the nickname “power ranger couple” by the paparazzi. Even Shilpa, acknowledging the photographers’ calls, momentarily took off her mask, adding to the buzz.

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