‘Rahel Makan Kora’ Trailer Review: A Heartwarming Malayalam Romantic Comedy

Get ready for a delightful cinematic treat as we dive into the trailer of ‘Rahel Makan Kora,’ the latest offering from Malayalam cinema. Released on October 11, 2023, this trailer promises a heartwarming and humorous tale that’s bound to captivate audiences.

The trailer opens with the endearing on-screen chemistry between Anson Paul and actress Merin Philip, who bring to life the characters of KSRTC bus conductors. Their engaging banter immediately sets the tone for what seems to be a delightful journey filled with humor and warmth.

Anson Paul’s character, evidently smitten by Merin Philip’s confident demeanor, playfully muses to himself, “She is really haughty! She should have been a collector instead of a conductor.” This initial exchange between the two leads hints at a charming and comical romantic narrative that’s sure to leave audiences smiling.

As the trailer unfolds, Merin Philip’s character reveals her humorous side as she navigates the everyday challenges of family life. ‘Rahel Makan Kora’ introduces a captivating ensemble of characters portrayed by talented actors Sminu Sijo and Althaf, adding depth and dimension to the storytelling.

The film has already piqued curiosity with its earlier song releases, “Mindaathe Thammil” and “Angoonnengadoru,” both of which garnered a positive response from the audience. These songs, enriched by the lyrical talent of Harinarayanan BK and Manu Manjith, have contributed to building anticipation for the film’s music and its overall entertainment value.

Directed by Ubaini and featuring music composed by Kailas, ‘Rahel Makan Kora’ is all set to hit theaters on October 13th. With its promising blend of humor, heart, and relatable characters, ‘Rahel Makan Kora’ is shaping up to be a must-watch for family audiences. Don’t miss out on this heartwarming Malayalam romantic comedy that’s set to steal your heart.



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