Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Female-led Films: Triumphs & Trials

When the luminous Priyanka Chopra Jonas talks, the world listens. At the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023, she dove deep into the challenges that shadow female-led films. With a rapt audience, which included actor Bhumi Pednekar, Priyanka bared her thoughts about the weight of expectations these films bear.

Imagine being told that a film’s success or failure could be a reflection of the progress of all women in the film industry. That’s the pressure! Priyanka believes that with the limited number of opportunities available for women, the stakes are incredibly high. If a woman-centric movie doesn’t strike gold at the box office, it feels like taking a few steps back in the fight for equal representation. Every film becomes a mission, be it in front of the camera or behind it. Every makeup artist, writer, or director is riding on the hope not to let womankind down.

Reminiscing about her 2008 blockbuster, Fashion, Priyanka spilled the beans about the initial skepticism. Early in her soaring career, many advised her against embracing such a dominant female role. Yet, she was undeterred. Teaming up with director Madhur Bhandarkar, they immersed themselves in sculpting the life of Meghna Mathur, a role that still resonates with many. The outcome? A film that sparkled with stellar performances, including those of Kangana Ranaut and Mugdha Godse, and won hearts globally.

On the horizon, fans are eagerly awaiting her next adventures. After wowing viewers in Citadel, a brainchild of The Russo Brothers, Priyanka is gearing up to share the screen with John Cena and Idris Elba in the much-anticipated Heads Of State by director Ilya Naishuller.

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