Premalatha Breaks Silence on Captain Vijayakanth’s Health amidst Media Frenz

“Captain” Vijayakanth’s recent 71st birthday was tinged with media speculation regarding his health, stirring emotions among fans and followers. As fans flocked to wish the veteran Tamil actor-politician, the narrative around his health took center stage.

The story took off when Vijaya Prabhakaran, Vijayakanth’s elder son, addressed the media, mentioning a setback in his father’s health, but also emphasizing that he was now feeling great. The selective coverage by media outlets, which harped on the word “setback” without conveying the entire sentiment, painted a distorted picture of reality.

In a candid interview, Premalatha, Vijayakanth’s wife, expressed her concerns about the media’s myopic portrayal. She emphasized the distress it caused not just to the family, but also the countless fans and party cadres. She said, “Why wasn’t the statement that he’s now feeling super highlighted? The fixation on the word ‘setback’ created unnecessary alarm.”

Premalatha’s anguish resonated deeply, revealing the emotional toll such controversies can have on the families of public figures. She underscored how they’ve been inundated with phone calls from concerned well-wishers. Vijayakanth even had to personally issue a clarification reassuring everyone of his health.

The iconic actor’s wife expressed her dismay at the media’s sensationalist tendencies, pointing out that while it’s their prerogative to make news “viral”, the family and party bear the brunt of answering and alleviating the concerns of countless supporters.

In a heartfelt plea for genuine reporting, Premalatha reminded everyone that Vijayakanth is a legend whose legacy should not be diminished by skewed portrayals. She ended on a note of resilience, stating, “Captain is a legend. I am confident that the undue negative projection has been the primary reason for his perceived downfall.”

As the family seeks privacy and understanding during these times, the onus falls on the media to be discerning and respectful, capturing the full truth and not just fragments that serve a narrative.

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