Pawan Kalyan’s OG Stays Strong with DVV Amidst Shifting Rumors!

Defying rumors, DVV Entertainment reinforces their dedication to Pawan Kalyan's OG, ensuring fans the Tollywood thriller they eagerly await. 🎬🌟

Here’s the scoop for all you Tollywood enthusiasts! The rumor mill was in full swing with whispers about Pawan Kalyan’s much-awaited movie OG, but guess what? DVV Entertainment has stepped in to set the record straight! Amidst a tidal wave of speculations suggesting a production shift to People’s Media Factory, DVV Entertainment took to social media with a statement that packs a punch – “#OG is ours… #OG will be forever ours.”

These rumors had everyone talking. They hinted at DVV Danayya, the producer, considering backing out due to shooting delays and questions about the film’s box office potential. Fuel was added to the fire with talks about People’s Media Factory potentially swooping in, considering their history with DVV Entertainment.

But hold your horses, folks! DVV Entertainment’s bold declaration has cleared the air. They are holding the reins tight on OG’s production and moving full steam ahead as planned.

The movie OG, directed by the skillful Sujeeth, boasts a star-studded lineup, including Priyanka Mohan, Sriya Reddy, Arjun Das, and Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi in his Tollywood debut. Sure, there have been some hiccups due to Pawan Kalyan’s political engagements, especially with the Andhra Pradesh legislative assembly elections on the horizon. But DVV Entertainment isn’t just sticking around; they’re brimming with gratitude for Pawan Kalyan’s commitment to the project.

While the release date of OG is still under wraps, DVV Entertainment hints at a potentially longer wait. But their promise is clear – the wait will be absolutely worth it. They liken the project to a “Cheetah hunt,” destined for success and leaving a memorable mark.

This bold move and the unwavering denial of the swirling rumors have reassured Pawan Kalyan’s legion of fans. They’re eagerly awaiting this gangster drama, and with DVV Entertainment’s unwavering commitment, it looks like OG will be hitting the screens with all its might and majesty!

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