Nithin’s Ole Ole Paapaayi Magic in Extra: Ordinary Man

Tollywood sensation Nithin is all set to charm audiences with his latest song, Ole Ole Paapaayi, from the upcoming film Extra: Ordinary Man. The film, directed by Vakkantham Vamsi, is eagerly awaited and scheduled for release on December 8. Nithin, known for his magnetic presence and versatile acting, promises to deliver another memorable performance in this eagerly anticipated film.

The song Ole Ole Paapaayi, set to release on December 4, showcases Nithin’s unique flair and charisma. The actor’s involvement in the film goes beyond just this catchy number; he plays a junior artist in Extra: Ordinary Man, sharing the screen with the talented Sree Leela and popular actor Rajasekhar. The film, produced by N. Sudhakar Reddy and Nikita Reddy, is already creating a buzz in the industry with its innovative storytelling and engaging music.

Nithin’s confidence in Extra: Ordinary Man is so high that he humorously promised audiences their ticket money back if they don’t find the film laugh-out-loud hilarious. This bold statement highlights the film’s expected humor and entertainment value, setting high expectations for both the movie and its music.


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