Navdeep’s Residence Searched: New Developments in Madhapur Drug Case

In a significant turn of events related to the high-profile Madhapur drug case, Tollywood’s noted actor, Navdeep’s residence in Hyderabad became the focal point of the Telangana State Narcotics Bureau’s investigation. This came about on Tuesday when the authorities paid an unexpected visit to his house. What’s noteworthy is that Navdeep reportedly made an exit just as the agency’s officials approached.

The timeline to this saga goes back to the notorious drug party at Fresh Living Apartments in Madhapur, dated 31st of the previous month. The party aftermath resulted in the apprehension of 13 individuals, painting a grim image of the drug scene in Hyderabad.

While Navdeep was absent during the bureau’s visit, it’s alleged that he had prior knowledge about their impending arrival. This recent activity trails the massive drug racket discovery in Hyderabad, leading to a series of arrests.

The Tollywood actor, believed to have connections with the case, had earlier sought protection against arrest from the High Court, a relief that was provided to him but only lasted until Tuesday. This lapse made it feasible for the Narcotics Bureau to conduct their search operation. Not one to stand idle, Navdeep, sensing the gravity of the situation, promptly filed another plea in the High Court concerning the drug debacle.

Further compounding Navdeep’s woes, evidence has emerged hinting at him acquiring drugs from his associate, Ram Chandu. Ram had already found himself on the wrong side of the law, facing arrest prior to these developments.

The Narcotics Bureau, in response to the ongoing situation, is gearing up to counter Navdeep’s High Court petition. The actor’s implication in the Madhapur drug case, as per the bureau, solidifies with the new evidence at hand.

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