“Mystery Of The Tattoo” Review: A Predictable Thriller With Artistic Flair

“Mystery Of The Tattoo” Movie Review: An Artistic Whodunit That Misses Its Mark
Directed by: Kalaiarasi Sathappan
Starring: Daisy Shah, Rohit Raaj, Arjun Rampal, Ameesha Patel

Set against the backdrop of the bustling streets of London, “Mystery Of The Tattoo” plunges us into a world where art and crime intersect. The story revolves around Aathmika, portrayed by Daisy Shah, an art therapist with an uncanny ability to decode concealed meanings within artworks and symbols. When a series of chilling murders, marked by unfinished tattoos on the victims, shakes the city, Aathmika’s unique talent is solicited by the bewildered police.

Tragedy strikes when acclaimed artist Chitra Devi, played by Ameesha Patel, meets a premature end, leaving behind an unfinished masterpiece. Aathmika, moved by this, embarks on a journey to complete it. As she delves deeper into the world of art, she becomes embroiled in the unsettling mystery of the murders. Every unfinished tattoo bears a message, and it’s up to Aathmika to decipher them.

Kalaiarasi Sathappan’s initial narrative is gripping, with the unique blend of art and crime and Aathmika’s involvement. But as the storyline progresses, it sadly descends into predictability, with suspense dissipating swiftly, leaving audiences yearning for the early intrigue that once held them captive.

Daisy Shah’s portrayal of Aathmika showcases her artistic chops, but the character seems lacking in depth. The film marks the debut of Rohit Raaj as Vikarn, whose performance felt somewhat restrained and unsure. Guest appearances by seasoned actors like Arjun Rampal and Ameesha Patel, unfortunately, don’t add much substance to the tale.

In essence, “Mystery Of The Tattoo” commences with a promising premise but struggles to keep its promise of an edge-of-the-seat thriller. While the concept is intriguing, the execution, marred by cliched arcs and underdeveloped characters, dampens the experience.

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