Misdiagnosis Nightmare: Kannada Actress Wrongly Declared to have End-Stage Cancer by Bengaluru Centrr

A prominent 35-year-old Kannada actress (identity undisclosed) recently faced a harrowing experience after being misdiagnosed with terminal cancer by Icon Diagnostic Centre located in Basaveshwara Nagar, Bengaluru. This false prognosis pushed her into a deep psychological trauma. Fortunately, subsequent tests from two other diagnostic centres revealed she was in good health.

The disconcerting journey began on February 25th when the actress received her test reports. Dr. Rajkamal of Icon Diagnostic Centre interpreted the results as Fibrosarcoma Uterus accompanied by abdominal metastasis, Liver Metastasis, and Grade 1 Splenomegaly. Reeling from this grim diagnosis, she grappled with the challenge of communicating this to her family and spent an agonizing, sleepless night.

Seeking clarity and hoping for a more positive outcome, the actress pursued a second and third opinion from other diagnostic centres. To her immense relief, both clinics confirmed her to be hale and hearty. While thankful for her good health, the actress was infuriated by Icon Diagnostic Centre’s blunder. She proceeded with legal action against them for the unwarranted emotional distress they had caused. Recognizing the severity of their negligence, The Additional District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission of Bengaluru awarded the actress a compensation of Rs 1.5 lakh.

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