Swathi Muttina Male Haniye Mellage Song Charms Fans

Kannada film enthusiasts are set for a delightful experience with the much-anticipated film Swathi Muttina Male Haniye, as the melodious notes of the song Mellage enchant the airwaves. This upcoming cinematic gem, slated to grace theaters on November 24, 2023, is not just a feast for the ears but also a visual spectacle starring the versatile Raj B Shetty and the talented Siri Ravikumar.

Shared by the film’s producer and acclaimed actress Ramya, Mellage has already started to capture the hearts of the audience. The film is a significant venture for Ramya, marking her entry into film production with Applebox Studios in collaboration with Lighter Buddha Films.

Raj B Shetty, known for his remarkable performances, steps into the shoes of Aniketh, while Siri Ravikumar brings life to the character of Prerana. Accompanied by a stellar cast including Balaji Manohar, Surya Vasishtha, and others, the film promises a rich narrative interwoven with emotive music.

The release of Mellage is a glimpse into the soul-stirring soundtrack that awaits, offering a sanctuary of melody reminiscent of gentle raindrops – true to the film’s evocative title. With its inception on the auspicious day of Vijayadashami in 2022, the journey of Swathi Muttina Male Haniye from production to screen has been filled with passion and anticipation.

Ramya’s enchanting social media posts have not only shone a spotlight on this acoustic delight but have also heightened the film’s anticipation. The artistic influence of Ramya promises to captivate the audience with a compelling narrative and a heartwarming score.


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