Meenakshi Chowdary’s Rising Stardom After Guntur Kaaram!

Well, isn’t Tollywood full of surprises? Meenakshi Chowdary, the rising star, has been grabbing all the right headlines, especially after signing the high-profile film, Guntur Kaaram, alongside the iconic Mahesh Babu.

Now, let’s roll back a bit. Remember Meenakshi’s debut with Ichata Vaahanamulu Niluparadu? It was an okay start, and films like Kolai, HIT The Second Case, and Khiladi followed. But things didn’t quite light up for her until she walked onto the sets of Guntur Kaaram. And boy, what a turn of events since! Now she’s on a roll, bagging roles left, right, and center. She’s got Vishwak Sen’s Matla, the much-anticipated Singapore Salon, and Varun Tej’s upcoming film. Rumor has it, she might even be teaming up with the sensational Thalapathy Vijay for his 68th film. Big things are happening!

On the other hand, there’s a twist in the tale. Pooja Hegde, the star of Maharshi, was initially the leading lady of Guntur Kaaram. But then, she chose a different path. What’s surprising? The movie offers have now slowed down for her. However, Bollywood seems to be calling, and she’s in talks with some big filmmakers there.

So, while Meenakshi’s stars are shining brighter than ever, Pooja Hegde’s fans are a bit nervous. They’re hoping she doesn’t follow the steps of Rakul Preet and Ileana, who transitioned to Bollywood, causing quite a stir among fans.

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