Masaba Gupta’s Revelations: Neena’s Decision, Her Divorce, and New Beginnings

Fashion icon Masaba Gupta recently shed light on her personal life, revealing the deep impact of her celebrated mother, actress Neena Gupta, on her decisions. Masaba, who had once tied the knot with film producer Madhu Mantena, faced a heart-wrenching divorce after just two years. But it was her desire to have a live-in relationship prior to their marriage where Neena intervened, insisting they wed instead.

Recalling the emotional turmoil, Masaba shared how her mother’s disapproval of the live-in idea stemmed from Neena’s personal experiences. She explained, “Mom wanted me to avoid the pitfalls she faced. When our decision to marry came up, she firmly stated, ‘Learn from my experiences and don’t repeat them. If you’re certain, take the matrimonial plunge.’ The day we had our court marriage, she hurriedly packed my stuff, indicating it was time for my new journey.”

The poignant part of this revelation is Neena Gupta’s reflection on her decision. The veteran actress, in a moment of introspection, confessed, “Maybe I was wrong. Perhaps you should have lived together, understood each other better. I regret pushing you. I feel like I failed as a mother.”

Masaba also touched upon societal pressures that led her to marry in the first place. “It felt like everyone was settling down, and I didn’t want to be the odd one out,” she candidly expressed.

On a brighter note, love blossomed for Masaba again. She tied the knot with actor Satyadeep Mishra earlier this year in an intimate ceremony graced by her father, the legendary cricketer Vivian Richards. Meanwhile, Madhu Mantena embarked on a new marital journey with Ira Trivedi.

Fans of the mother-daughter duo will remember their heartwarming portrayal of their bond in the hit web show “Masaba Masaba.”

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