Mahira Khan: From Stardom to Struggle with Bipolar Disorder

Pakistani sensation, Mahira Khan, known for lighting up the screen in ‘Raees’ opposite Bollywood’s king, Shah Rukh Khan, recently took a brave step to discuss her personal battle with bipolar disorder.

In a recent episode of the FWhy podcast, Mahira unveiled the challenges she faced both mentally and socially, especially following the release of ‘Raees’. She recounted the moment she was diagnosed with manic depression, confessing, “This is the first time I’m vocalizing it. It’s been nearly a decade, and I’ve been on medication. When I tried breaking free from them, the darkness was overwhelming.”

The backlash following ‘Raees’ and the prohibition on Pakistani artists post the 2016 Uri attack augmented her emotional strife. Taking a brief medication hiatus last year, she realized her mental state had significantly deteriorated. Mahira gave a heart-wrenching account of her bleak days, admitting, “There were days I couldn’t muster the strength to move. It was in those moments of despair I sought hope, and when it came, even if just a glimmer, I held on.”

Mahira further acknowledged the internal havoc her condition wreaked. “While the tempest raged within me, I never let the world see it. My journey with depression has been like dancing through a storm.”

She expressed heartfelt gratitude towards her close circle – her family, friends, therapist, and partner – who acted as unwavering pillars of support, helping her navigate through her toughest days.

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