Maal Movie Review: Mystery of the Missing Idol

Jump into a wild world where old idols and messy lives crash together in Maal. If you think about Lokesh Kanagaraj’s hit Maanagaram, think again! Both movies mix up lives, but they tell different tales.

From the start, Maal pulls us into a big story of sneaky idol stealing. We see a super old Chola-era idol ready for a sneaky move. Big mafia boss Chera gives this risky job to Karna. But surprise! Karna gives it to his team while he’s busy partying. This starts a big mess – people are found dead, the idol is gone, and many people get dragged into this problem.

This sounds fun, right? Sadly, the story gets lost in the telling. The movie takes a lot of time to show who people are. We get many time hints, like “day of stealing,” but this makes things more confusing. It’s hard to care about anyone in the movie. The good part? After a break, all the stories come together.

Maal is supposed to be a thriller. But it doesn’t give many thrills. We see new filmmakers’ mistakes, like a slow story, plain visuals, or music that feels wrong. The actors do an okay job. But hey, Maal has some fun parts too. With a bit more cool style, Maal could have been a big hit.

Final Thoughts: Great idea, but with a shaky story and okay acting.

Rating: ⭐⭐☆☆☆ (2/5)


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