Lola Kutty Lollapalooza Video: Smriti Irani’s Instagram Plug

Lola Kutty's comical video on Lollapalooza, shared by Smriti Irani, brings a laughter wave on Instagram. The video becomes a social media sensation. Don't miss the fun story at Climaxahh!

In a delightful twist of events, Union Minister Smriti Irani recently lit up Instagram with her share of a humorous video featuring Anu Menon as Lola Kutty. The video, a humorous take on the recent Lollapalooza festival in Mumbai, where international sensation Nick Jonas was lovingly referred to as Jiju by the adoring crowd, has brought a wave of laughter across social media.

Lola Kutty, the character that became a household name for her quirky style and witty banter, made a hilarious comeback with this video. In it, she jokingly complains about not being invited to Lollapalooza Mumbai, a festival that she claims was ‘named after her’. Her witty grievance struck a chord, especially since the festival was a major event, marked by Nick Jonas’ standout performance that had fans cheering and chanting in a uniquely Indian way.

Smriti Irani, an avid fan, couldn’t hold back her excitement and shared this joyous moment on her Instagram story. She described it as, “The most influential influencer influencing influencers influencing an influential generation.” This clever caption perfectly encapsulated the humorous and influential nature of the video.

In a happy turn of events, Lola Kutty’s lament didn’t go unnoticed. She was indeed invited to Lollapalooza, as revealed in her updated Instagram video. This invitation added a sweet note to her comedic rant and showed the engaging, responsive side of the festival organizers. Lollapalooza India even joined in the fun with a comment saying, “How could we forget?”

Since being shared, Lola Kutty’s video has garnered over 7.1 lakh views, along with numerous likes, reshares, and comments. It’s not just a hit amongst fans but also a reminder of the fun, interactive, and often surprising world of social media.

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