Lakshmi Manchu’s Fiery Response to Fan Interruption: Netizens React

In a recent event that’s taken the internet by storm, Telugu star Lakshmi Manchu faced a rather disruptive fan during her interview session at the esteemed SIIMA Awards in Dubai. Not one to be interrupted, Lakshmi gave a fiery response when the fan blocked her camera.



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The footage, rapidly gaining traction online, showcases the actress’s irritation as the fan obstructs her interview. In a bid to continue undisturbed, she sharply commented, “Go behind the camera, dude.” This incident has evoked a barrage of reactions from netizens, many of whom support the actress for standing her ground.

To give some context, Lakshmi Manchu, a dynamic force in the entertainment industry, was born on 8th October 1977. While she’s a renowned figure in India, she’s also made her mark in American television. As the proud daughter of the iconic actor Mohan Babu, Lakshmi commenced her acting journey with the American series Las Vegas. Over the years, she graced multiple shows including Desperate Housewives and Mystery ER. Additionally, she donned the hats of director, producer, and actor for the 2006 short film, Perfect Lives. On a more personal note, she tied the knot with Chennai-based IT professional, Andy Srinivasan, in 2006, and they are blessed with a daughter.

In a related note, another disturbing event involving a celebrity emerged recently. Akash Choudhary, the remarkable talent from Bhagya Lakshmi, faced a horrifying ambush. Under the guise of fans seeking selfies, he was shockingly attacked, even having a plastic bottle hurled at him. This unnerving incident, much like Lakshmi’s, has been trending on various social platforms, drawing a plethora of reactions from the public.


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