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Rishab Shetty Gears Up for Kantara Prequel: Bigger & Better!

Dive into Karnataka’s traditions and divine worship with Buta Kola!

Kantara Prequel by Rishab Shetty
Image Credit: Instagram - rishabshettyofficial

The film world is abuzz with excitement as Rishab Shetty, the multi-talented actor and director, makes waves again! After giving us the sensational film Kantara in 2022, which unveiled the rich traditions of Karnataka and its demigods, Rishab announces another cinematic masterpiece. And guess what? It’s not a sequel, but a prequel to Kantara, ready to grace our screens next year.

Plans are in motion, with the film’s shooting expected to kick off towards the year’s end. This time, the spotlight turns to the enchanting cultural practices of Buta Kola and Panjurli divine worship. Given Kantara’s massive success and appeal to audiences across India, expectations are sky-high for the prequel. Not to mention, the whispers suggest a grand production, combining modern technology with a hefty budget.

Rishab isn’t one to shy away from challenges. Preparations are underway for him to master horse riding and delve deep into ancient martial arts, ensuring an authentic portrayal on screen. Recollecting Kantara’s epic journey – made on a budget of Rs 16 crore but raking in over Rs 400 crore globally – the excitement for the prequel is tangible. Labelled a devotional action entertainer, it struck a chord in every language it premiered.

And here’s a tidbit to further heighten the anticipation: the prequel is rumored to have a budget of a whopping Rs 125 crore! That’s a leap of over 100 crore from Kantara’s budget. Rishab’s vision and talent, as showcased in the 2022 blockbuster, surely promises another record-breaking film. After all, Kantara’s underdog story resonated far and wide, making it a crown jewel in Kannada cinema.

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