Drishyam 2: A Triumph of Thrilling Storytelling

Eight years after the runaway success of Drishyam, Jeethu Joseph reprises the thrilling narrative in Drishyam 2, with George Kutty (Mohanlal) grappling with the repercussions of his dark secret.

The sequel kicks off with an unexpected twist – an eyewitness to George’s crime and a skeleton beneath the police station. George Kutty’s challenge escalates as he battles to protect his family, while his secret threatens to unravel.

Mohanlal shines in his performance as George Kutty, embodying the character’s mastermind persona convincingly. Meena, as the anxious mother, delivers a mature performance while Esther Anil, Ansiba Hasan, Murali Gopy and others complement the ensemble.

Sequels often buckle under the weight of their predecessors, but Drishyam 2 successfully stands tall, providing a riveting extension to the original. Despite a slow first half and some seemingly superfluous character additions, Jeethu Joseph’s well-constructed screenplay comes into its own in the gripping second half, showcasing George Kutty’s shrewdness to the fullest.

The brilliance of Drishyam 2 is in the detailing and unfolding of the plot, reflecting Jeethu Joseph’s craft. Overall, the film is a worthy sequel, which, if released in theatres, could have easily matched its predecessor’s blockbuster status.

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