Slum Dog Husband: A Blend of Comedy and Astrology

Promising Performances, Unfocused Narrative

Slum Dog Husband: Unique, Yet Predictable

In Slum Dog Husband, Sanjay Rao and Pranavi Manukonda bring to life a unique love tale. The plot spins around Rao’s character, Lachi, marrying a dog named Baby due to astrological concerns. This twist ignites a series of comic situations. However, the trailer divulges too much, lessening the element of suspense.

Rao and Manukonda’s performances shine while Raju Yadav’s comic timing hits the mark. Despite decent direction by AR Sreedhar, the narrative seems unfocused. The cinematography enhances the visual appeal but weak music and a subpar screenplay impact the movie negatively.

Slum Dog Husband tries to weave together humor and emotion but struggles to hold viewer’s attention. The storyline turns predictable and the dramatic moments lack intensity due to misplaced comedy. Despite commendable performances, the movie ends up being a mildly entertaining, but not thoroughly compelling, watch.

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