Devika Janitri’s Directorial Debut: Chikkiya Mooguti

There’s a fresh breeze in Sandalwood, and it’s brought by the multi-talented costume designer and novelist, Devika Janitri. She steps into the world of direction with her new film, Chikkiya Mooguti. With a lineup of gifted actors like Shweta Srivatsav, Tara, Bhavani Prakash, and Akanksha taking the lead roles, the film promises to be a heart-touching masterpiece. Not to forget, the talented Avinash, Tabla Nani, Rangayana Raghu, and Bharat Bopanna have also graced the film with their skills.

The journey of Chikkiya Mooguti has been eventful. The shooting wrapped up recently and the first look poster unveiled by none other than Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar, who sent her best wishes to the team.

Behind the scenes, Devika is a storyteller with 40 short tales to her name. The decision to adapt one of these stories for the big screen wasn’t spontaneous. Devika recalls, “Direction wasn’t my first love. I was immersed in writing. But when folks from the industry approached me for my story’s rights and presented varied interpretations, I felt a calling. That’s when I decided to shape my narrative myself.” This vision from half a decade ago is now nearing its final touches. The film, Chikkiya Mooguti, is a collection of four poignant tales, all woven around the pure theme of a mother’s love. Devika’s inspiration? The animal world and the innate maternal instinct.

The buzz is that fans can soon get a taste of this cinematic gem. The teaser for Chikkiya Mooguti is set to be unveiled on October 20, exclusively on the PRK YouTube channel. All this magic under the umbrella of Janitri Productions, with the soulful music tunes by the renowned Poorchandra Tejaswi of Lucia recognition and the visual artistry helmed by Venkatesh.


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