Chennai Story: Shruti Haasan Takes the Spotlight!

Shruti Haasan headlines Chennai Story Film, a captivating Indo-UK co-production. Get ready for a heartwarming tale blending love and cultural fusion!

Great news for cinema fans! Shruti Haasan is all set to take the lead in the Indo-UK co-production Chennai Story, filling in for Samantha Ruth Prabhu who’s currently on a health break. Haasan is ready to dazzle audiences with her portrayal of Anu, a lively private detective, in this engaging romantic comedy. The film adapts Timeri N. Murari’s popular novel The Arrangements of Love into a cinematic delight.

Under the direction of BAFTA winner Philip John and co-written by British Sri Lankan actor Nimmi Harasgama, Chennai Story is ramping up for production. The film is in its pre-production stage and will soon start filming across Chennai’s lively locales and Cardiff’s scenic beauty. It’s a cultural blend of Tamil and Welsh flavors, with support from the British Film Institute’s UK Global Screen Fund.

This cinematic venture is a collaborative effort involving India’s Guru Films, the UK’s Ripple World Pictures, and Wales’ Ie Ie Productions. The story intertwines love, self-expression, and acceptance, promising a heart-touching experience for viewers.

Shruti Haasan’s role in Chennai Story adds a fresh dimension to her diverse acting portfolio, which includes Indian blockbusters and international projects like The Eye and Treadstone.

Joining her is Viveik Kalra, recognized for his performance in Blinded by the Light and the Netflix series Lift. Chennai Story has been receiving accolades for its authentic portrayal of Chennai and Cardiff, two cities known for their rich cultural heritage.

Haasan is excited about Chennai Story, particularly for bringing the charm of Chennai, her own city, to the silver screen. Director Philip John shares the enthusiasm, looking forward to capturing the dynamic and emotionally rich storyline.

Chennai Story is shaping up to be a vibrant and culturally rich film, bringing together a diverse cast to tell a story that crosses geographical boundaries. Stay tuned for more captivating updates on this exciting project at

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