Blink Unveils Mesmerizing Song Sakhiye – A Glimpse into Kannada Sci-Fi Cinema

The much-anticipated movie Blink has just dropped its second song, and it’s creating quite a buzz. With eye-catching posters, an intriguing storyline, and the success of its earlier song release, this film has been on everyone’s radar. The new melodious track titled Sakhiye from Blink is now out, featuring lyrics by Pramod Maravante and vocals by Siddharth Belmannu.

The film’s team organized a grand launch event for the song at the SRV Theater in Bangalore, and it was met with great enthusiasm. Director Srinidhi Bangalore shared his thoughts at the event, saying, “I always dreamt of making a movie for the theater audience. During the COVID-19 pandemic, after watching some movies, I wondered why we couldn’t create such cinematic experiences in Kannada. Blink is a collaborative effort by friends and theater enthusiasts. Our aim was to craft a memorable cinematic journey. Everything in this film is a testament to the support we received from nature.”

Lead actor Dixit elaborated on the movie’s unique concept, stating, “While Blink has elements of science fiction, it’s primarily a story about humanity and human emotions. Typically, science fiction movies are set in laboratories or otherworldly settings, but our film takes a different approach. Science fiction can be relatable to the middle class, and the core of our movie is how one faces unexpected situations.”

Mandara, the film’s heroine, expressed her excitement about being a part of Blink and her faith in the director’s vision. She said, “I’ve known the director for five or six years, and he’s been involved in writing, acting, and directing plays. When I heard about Blink, I was thrilled. My character, Swapna, represents a middle-class girl. The movie’s songs are all exceptional, and I hope Blink will follow in the footsteps of Kannada blockbusters like Lucia, Bell Bottom, and Rangitaranga.”

Blink is a groundbreaking venture under the Janani Pictures production banner, introducing a unique storytelling approach to Kannada cinema. Ravichandra AJ has invested in the project, marking director Srinidhi Bangalore’s debut. The film explores how unexpected events in the life of an ordinary middle-class boy can reshape his world. Dixit Shetty, known for ‘Diya’ and ‘Dussehra,’ takes on the lead role in this sci-fi narrative, while Mandara Battalahalli and Chaitra J Achar play pivotal roles. The movie also features Vajradhir Jain, Gopal Krishnadeshpande, Kiran Naik, and a talented ensemble cast. Avinash Shasrthy handles the cinematography, with editing by Sanjeev Jagirdar.

Get ready for a unique cinematic journey as Blink promises to revolutionize Kannada cinema with its fresh approach and intriguing storyline.



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