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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7: Tentative Launch Date and Confirmed Contestants Unveiled!

Two Houses, Star-Studded Contestants – Bigg Boss 7 is Ready to Woo Fans!

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 Launch Date and Contestants

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7: Here’s What You Need to Know!

The much-anticipated season of Bigg Boss Tamil is gearing up to make its grand return on the Star Vijay channel, and if the riveting promos are anything to go by, fans are in for a real treat! Adding an extra layer of excitement is the revelation that this season will feature not one, but two houses. But wait, there’s more!

Mark your calendars! According to inside information, the curtains for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 will lift on October 1, 2023, which is a Sunday. Although we’re still on the edge of our seats awaiting the official announcement of the launch date, this tentative date has set the buzz alight.

As of now, eight contestants are all set to step into the Bigg Boss house, with the producers putting the final touches on the complete lineup. Official announcements on the final list of participants are expected soon, ensuring the anticipation remains high.

Ready to meet some of your new housemates? Among those confirmed to join the Bigg Boss brigade this season are:

  • Vijay TV’s very own Makapa Anand
  • Talented actress Roshini
  • “Cooku With Comai” sensation Raveena Daha
  • Esteemed newsreader Ranjith
  • Shakila’s charismatic daughter Mila
  • Seasoned actor Babloo Prithveeraj
  • The enchanting actresses Rekha Nair and Darsha Gupta

The grapevine also hints at other potential contestants, including Vijay TV’s Jacqueline, the vibrant Bayilvan Ranganathan, and the enigmatic driver Sharmila.

For a glimpse of what’s to come, dive into the captivating official teaser below:

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