Bhushan Kumar Split from Divya Khosla Rumors: T-Series Power Couple Stands Strong

In the eye of the storm of split rumors, Bhushan Kumar and Divya Khosla Kumar's bond emerges stronger than ever. The T-Series supremo's response to speculation not only debunks rumors but also highlights their unbreakable unity. Dive deeper into their story of love and resilience amidst Bollywood's rumor mills.

In the whirlwind of Bollywood gossip, the latest buzz around Bhushan Kumar and Divya Khosla Kumar had the rumor mills working overtime. Speculations were rife with talk of a split as Divya dropped the ‘Kumar’ surname from her Instagram handle and even went as far as unfollowing T-Series. But, hold your horses, gossip mongers! T-Series has stepped forward, squashing these rumors like a bug under a Bollywood superstar’s boot.

In a candid chat with Zoom, a spokesperson from T-Series laid all whispers to rest, confirming that Bhushan and Divya are not on the road to splitsville. The grapevine’s got it wrong this time, folks. The change in Divya’s social media handle? Purely a personal choice, steeped in astrological advice, right down to adding an extra ‘s’ to her maiden name, ‘Khosla.’ So, before you jump on the gossip wagon, remember, not all that glitters in Bollywood is gold!

The love story of Bhushan Kumar, the scion of the T-Series empire, and Divya Khosla Kumar, his leading lady, is stuff Bollywood dreams are made of. Sparks flew on the sets of Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo in 2004, leading to nuptial vows in 2005 and the arrival of their son, Ruhaan, in 2011. Despite the storm of speculation, Divya’s social media is a testament to their undying bond, brimming with moments of family bliss and togetherness.

Divya hasn’t just been a pillar of support; she’s been Bhushan’s rock, especially amidst the tumultuous waves of allegations and controversies that have hit them in the past. From defending Bhushan against accusations of sexual misconduct to standing by him during his feud with industry stalwart Sonu Nigam, Divya has shown that behind every successful man is a woman rolling up her sleeves, ready to fight his battles.

This episode serves as a reminder that in the glittering world of Bollywood, where every action is scrutinized, and every change in social media status is dissected, some stories are just that—stories. Bhushan and Divya’s journey continues to be a beacon of unity, love, and resilience, proving that no rumor can dim the shine of their shared life.

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