Ayesha Khan in Lucky Baskar – To Team Up With Dulquer Salmaan

Ayesha Khan is set to star in Lucky Baskar, joining forces with Dulquer Salan in a role that promises to be a significant cinematic breakthrough. This collaboration is eagerly anticipated, showcasing her versatility and marking her ascent in the movie world. Get ready to witness a dynamic duo in action and stay tuned for more thrilling updates in Indian cinema!

Ayesha Khan, known for her lively presence in Bigg Boss 17, is quickly making her way up in the movie world. After capturing hearts in a song for the Telugu movie Gangs of Godavari, she’s now set for a bigger role. Ayesha has been cast in Lucky Baskhar, where she will appear alongside the well-loved actor Dulquer Salmaan.

In Lucky Baskhar, Ayesha can’t hide her excitement about her special role. She feels lucky to work with Dulquer Salmaan, someone she has always admired. Directed by Venky Atluri, this film is all about the inspiring story of an ordinary man’s big achievements, with Meenakshi Chaudhary as the main actress.

Ayesha’s acting journey started with TV shows like Kasautii Zindagii Kay and Baalveer Returns. But it was her time in Bigg Boss Season 17 that really put her in the public eye and opened up more opportunities for her in acting.

Looking forward, Ayesha’s career seems full of new chances. There are rumors she might be in Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 14, and her fans are eagerly waiting for Gangs of Godavari. Her step into the Telugu film industry with Lucky Baskhar is a big move, making her one of the rising stars in Indian cinema.

Ayesha Khan’s path from reality TV to movies is an exciting one. She’s proving that with talent and dedication, you can go far in the entertainment world. She’s definitely a name to watch.

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