AR Rahman Hopes His Legacy Lives on Through His Children

AR Rahman, celebrated globally for his remarkable contributions to the music industry, recently delved into a candid conversation with The Hindu, discussing nepotism and his musical legacy. The maestro voiced concerns about his legacy, remarking that if his children did not continue in his footsteps, “this entire place is going to become a godown!”

Rahman’s three children, Khatija, Raheema, and Ameen, all share an innate love for music. Both Khatija and Ameen, in particular, have shown prowess as musicians. The revered composer expressed his sincere hopes for his children, aspiring for them to scale new musical pinnacles.

He spoke warmly of Khatija’s growing singing career, highlighting her contributions to tracks like “Chinnanjiru (Marumurai)” and “Mera Aasmaan Jal Gaya (Reprise)”. Likewise, Ameen has carved a niche for himself with soulful renditions like “Never Say Goodbye” from Dil Bechara and “Veerane” from Maamannan.

Beyond musical pursuits, Rahman emphasizes the importance of financial awareness for his children. Although he avoids burdening them with intricacies of monetary hardships, he views imparting knowledge about aspects like building loans or mortgage payments as invaluable life lessons.

With such a musical dynasty in the making, the world eagerly anticipates the enchanting melodies that the next generation of Rahmans will offer.

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