Anna Ben’s Dreams: From Animation to Big Screen

Anna Ben, a shining name in Malayalam cinema, opened up about her dreams and choices in a recent chat. As a young girl, Anna thought about studying animation in Ahmedabad. “I just wanted to try something new and leave home for a while,” she said with a smile.

After finishing her studies, Anna found herself working in the busy streets of Bangalore. It was here that she figured out what truly made her heart sing. Remembering her early days, she said, “Getting my parents, especially Dad, on board with my plans was a bit of a task. But the secret was – I always spoke my heart out.”

Anna’s father, having faced his own share of hurdles in cinema, wished for freedom and choice for his children. So, when Anna went for a movie audition, he was surprised but listened to her. And after hearing the movie’s story, he gave Anna his blessing.

This little peek into Anna’s life is a warm reminder that sometimes, taking the long road helps you find where you truly belong.

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