Anirudh’s Ordinary Person Sparks Musical Controversy

The world of film and music is buzzing, and this time it revolves around the movie Leo’s song ‘Ordinary Person’, with Anirudh helming the musical composition. As soon as its lyric video landed on YouTube on October 23, the digital realm found itself amidst a new debate.

Soon after the melodious number made its mark, social media detectives started drawing parallels. The claim? The song bears a resemblance to Otnicka and Duke Luke’s track titled ‘I’m not outsider’ (Where are you?) from the famed series ‘Peaky Blinders’. And the controversy didn’t stop at just fan speculations. Adding weight to the chatter was composer Otnicka himself, who took to Instagram to address the brewing storm.



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Otnicka’s message was a blend of gratitude and uncertainty. He acknowledged the flood of messages pouring in from every digital corner, be it emails, Instagram, or YouTube comments. “Thank you for pointing out the similarities between the Leo song and mine,” he began. “However, I’m yet to fully understand this controversy. I’ll need time to investigate and until then, I urge everyone to refrain from pinning blame.”

The music industry is no stranger to such controversies, but it remains to be seen where this one leads. For now, fans on both sides are eagerly waiting for a conclusive statement.

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