Animal Film Controversy: Rajya Sabha Debates Ranbir Kapoor’s Movie

Ranbir Kapoor’s latest venture Animal has been making headlines, but not just for its box office success. The film, known for its intense storytelling and dramatic portrayal, has found itself at the center of a heated controversy. What started as criticism for its portrayal of violence and toxic masculinity has now escalated to a debate in one of India’s highest legislative bodies, the Rajya Sabha.

The controversy reached the Rajya Sabha when Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan raised concerns about the film’s content. During a recent session, the MP shared her distress over the impact of Animal on viewers, particularly the youth. She revealed that her daughter came out crying after watching the film, troubled by its portrayal of extreme violence and toxic masculinity. Ranjan questioned the societal responsibility of filmmakers and the influence of such content on young minds, sparking a wider debate about the role of cinema in shaping public perception and values.

This discussion in the Rajya Sabha has brought the film into the national spotlight, raising questions about the balance between creative freedom and social responsibility in Bollywood. The debate has polarized opinions, with some defending the artistic expression of the filmmakers, while others express concern over the potential negative impact on impressionable audiences.

The film Animal, since its release, has been shrouded in controversy. While some argue that the controversies have helped in popularizing the film, drawing more viewers out of curiosity, others believe that it might have a detrimental effect on its long-term performance and reputation. The debate has also sparked discussions on the need for better content regulation and the portrayal of sensitive themes in cinema.

As the film continues to garner attention, both for its artistic merit and the controversies surrounding it, Animal has become a case study in the complex relationship between cinema, society, and morality in contemporary India.

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