Ajith Kumar’s Vidamuyachi Shoot Amidst Azerbaijan Unrest

In a surprising turn of events, the cast and crew of Ajith Kumar’s much-anticipated movie Vidamuyachi landed in Azerbaijan for the film’s shoot, right when the nation is in a whirlwind of civil unrest. Recent reports indicate the presence of upheavals involving the country’s riot police and Lebanese Armenians.

Ajith’s loyal fanbase is buzzing with anxiety over this decision, voicing their concerns all over social media. Prashanth Rangaswamy, a respected industry tracker and actor, took to Twitter, expressing his shock over the timing of the film crew’s arrival in the nation. His tweet hinted at the potential dangers the team might face amidst the reported ethnic conflicts in the country.


However, not everyone shares the same sentiment. Journalist Devendran Palanisamy tried to bring in a different perspective. Drawing parallels with Vijay’s movie Beast, shot in Georgia during Russia’s occupation, he implied that political skirmishes often don’t pose threats to movie productions. He further mentioned the political tensions seen between nations like India-China and India-Pakistan, indicating that these external issues rarely impede the film industry in India.

As the Vidamuyachi team continues its shoot, fans eagerly await updates, hoping for the team’s safety and smooth production in Azerbaijan.

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